What makes our repair experience different.

We appreciate that we have been allowed in. We’ll value your time and respect your property by pledging simple common courtesies.We pledge to be on time, polite and in uniform. (even shoe protectors  ) We will clearly explain the process, apply our craft and clean up when we’re finished.

Chipped Stone.

Chips can happen to any type of stone. C3’s experience in the field allows us to draw from a variety of techniques to expertly repair the stone. Chip repairs typically take 30 minutes create a virtually invisible repair.

Countertop Stain Removal

Do you have a stained countertop? Welcome to the club! A stain is merely a foreign substance that penetrated below the surface leaving a discoloration. We’ll assess the origin of the stain, determine the best treatment, and remove the stain. We recommend the C3 LYL warranty to prevent any further stains.


If you’re seeking solutions for etching, your stone probably resides within one of these families of natural stone. An etch will be lighter in color than the stone itself and will be rough to the touch. We’ll remove the etched appearance by polishing the stone to match the surrounding surface. This process typically takes two to three hours to complete. 

Cracked Stone

Cracks or breaks in stone most often occur on corners of countertops or along the sink front, also known as the sink rail. These breaks are cleaned, repaired and then polished to the original sheen of the stone. The best part is that the repair is often stronger than the stone itself!

Dropped / Falling Sinks

If your sink has started separating from the countertop, we can help. We will meticulously clean the surface between the sink and the countertop. Once completed, we will select from a variety of methods developed through years of experience to ensure it never happens again.

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