Sealing and Protection

We understand the meaning of home.

We appreciate that we have been allowed in your home. We’ll value your time and respect your property by pledging simple courtesies. We pledge to be on time, polite and in uniform. (even shoe protectors  ) We’ll clearly explain the process, apply our craft and clean up when we’re finished.

Stone Sealing and Protection.

C3 water-based sealants are people, pet and earth-friendly. From start to finish the average kitchen will take about 2 hours to seal completely, ready for light duty right away! All types of granite, marble and polished quartzite are warranted against staining for 20 years.

Natural Stone Repair.

Natural stone is seemingly endless in its beauty and variety. No two pieces are alike. The knowledge and experience we’ve acquired over years of experience help us diagnose and correct the problem quickly and efficiently.

We’ve found that often the most helpful part of our repair process is our explanation of what caused the need for the repair, helping you prevent repairs going forward.

Grout Sealing and Protection.

We can keep your beautiful new home looking beautiful and new! Everyday activities like showering or even simple foot traffic can cause your grout to become discolored with dirt or worse yet, mildew. Sealing your grout before use will help preserve the crisp, clean and beautiful appearance. C3 is an automatic referral to new homeowners for many local builders. C3 water-based grout sealant is people, pet and earth-friendly.

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