Live your life in the kitchen you love.

We’ll protect your countertops so you can focus on who’s in the kitchen. 

Seal your surfaces professionally.

Protect the value of your kitchen for 20 years.

Cook on your countertops, care-free.

Don’t let worry keep you from enjoying your countertops.

We get it. We know what it feels like to get excited about new
countertops only to be faced with worry that they could be stained.
You don’t have to live that way anymore. Gain peace of mind with the Live Your Life 20-year warranty.

We care about more than just your kitchen.

Life is too short to worry about stained countertops. The Countertop Care Company’s Live your Life warranty is the answer.

The warranty is simple; if during the next 20 years you have a food or beverage based stain, we’ll remove the stain.

If we can’t remove the stain, we’ll pay to have the countertop replaced…labor and material.


Live your Life.

All our products are people, pet and earth-friendly.

How it works.

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We Clean & Seal.

Enjoy Your Kitchen

I’m so happy I chose The Countertop Care Company, they took a load off my mind, and their service was fantastic!”

- Katie S.

“The question shouldn’t be why The Countertop Care Company, but rather why not The Countertop Care Company,.

- Ryan L.

“They showed up on time, did the job and left the place cleaner than when they arrived”

- Kallie K.



We seal and protect natural stone, grout, and concrete.

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We offer restoration services for natural stone and grout.

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We repair everything from chips to etching and more.

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